Home’s Out (Fit)!!!

Alright everyone! As I couldn’t work as quick as I want to on unpack my wardrobe with too many of boxes, only a few pieces that handy for me to wear so all I can do is wear my handy home’s outfit that you will see how my daily homely look, legging and tee are my really best friend for working around the house as same as my office kind of work when I am at home and fine enough to run my errands around town and it’s simply yet most comfy look in my opinion. As you seen here we are working on decor our house and temporary office which is any areas not quite finish but it’s almost there. Since we moved here my allergy and so my boys too seemingly not bothering us as much as we lived in Atlanta. So far so good, summer here is what I call paradise… I wish you a wonderful weekendJ.

My favorite spot to sit and I can see downtown from where I’ve sat……

Working in my temporary office daily! So you all know where to find meJ….

Sorry for this dark one picture, the red couch by the window of our boy’s playroom… Again still working on the whole roomJ.

Our family healthy fridge. I have to keep things organize and easy for the boys to grab it themselves….

Hope to finish on decorate the whole house soon!!!!

Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone. Have a happy weekendJ. Hugs and kisses!

What I’m wearing; Weekend lover top: forever21/ iPad: apple/ Lipstick: L’Oréal/ Legging: Target/



Shopping downtown!

I’m loving where I’m at today, which where I used to walked around then, before I moved down south. Beautiful sandy beaches in summer, nice people, airstream, get around town as quick as I want too and it makes me want to get up earlier than usual to go for walk with my husband on the River side walk before start or even end of my every day. We actually been walking quite a bit. I will love to take a morning photo shoot one day just to share with you how lovely of our area is especially when it comes to sunrise and sunsetJ…. Today, I walked at downtown and it sure is bring back my memories, where you’ve just walking along and suddenly you remember something you did in the past! HoweverJ, my look of today is what I can found from a couple of unpack boxes and luckily I’ve found my oldie white top off – the – shoulders but I  really am sorry for the wrinkle both pants and topJ. I hope everyone are having a great week!


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Oxoxox…

What I’m wearing; Pants: Topshop/ Top: Old/ Bag and shoes: Prada/ Hat: Target/ Sunglasses: Asos.




Sheer Panel Shift Dress!

I have teamed up with Jessica from choies.com way back when I was in Atlanta. We collaborate together and find a point that fashions meet Thank you so much for being patiently Jessica and I apologize for taking me a bit longer, the sickness and the move what’s to blame. Alright, back to my summer look of the day that I picked out from Choies and the link from Jessica.   Here’s the link for those of you who wanna add more of cute, stylish and trendy summer’s items for the season http://www.choies.com/ready-to-be-shipped?cid=3508jesspai ….. The blue sheer panel shift dress I’m wearing today is actually a dress but I wore as a topJ.

You can get the sheer panel shift dress here http://www.choies.com/product/purple-shift-dress-with-contrast-mesh-panel_p27945?cid=7713jesspai it’s a can’t-believe-it price!!!!! I am guaranteeing that is going to look chic when adding other summer items to it such as hat, white tennis shoes and casual handbag. You also can dress up as ah mazing as same as casual chic.

I hope everyone are having a great weekJ. My family and I are enjoying the week so far after long drive back and forth to Atlanta on the past weekend, to finished our businesses, we just got home on Tuesday Thank you for the kind word on the move everyoneJ.

Get the top I’m wearing today here http://www.choies.com/product/purple-shift-dress-with-contrast-mesh-panel_p27945?cid=7713jesspai


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day! Oxoxox!

What I’m wearing; top: link up above / Bag: Gifted (from eBay)/ Sandals: Forever21/ Sunnies : Party City/ iPad : Apple/ Pants : Georgia Mall/

Picnic… Maxi… beachy.

Oooh hello everyoneJ….It has been awhile…I am finally settled in. Moving is lots of work to do and we’ve unpacked many of many boxes and so on. Hoping to get it all done soon and then enjoy my summer. Today, I’m back to catching up with you guys. First of all, I hope everyone are having a beautiful summer. Well, to those of you who didn’t know about me and my family have moved back to the north so here we are. This is my 1st post after month since the move got me busy and no time for me to blog)…..

My post of the day is all about scenery of my town – just wanted to share with you how gorgeous it is. Seemingly, I’m on a vacay till the end of summerJ I’m loving it here!!! About the look, I’m wearing a maxi dress as it is a picnic’s day at the beach, and of course this is one of a few of my clothes I have unpackedJ.





And the beautiful downtown on the pictures below.

Gorgeous sunset!

Thank you for being patiently everyone! I wish you a wonderful day.

What I’m wearing; Dress: Target. Scarf: Old. Bag: Michael Kors. Sunnies: Target.


Dresslink’s Wishlist!

Happy Friday to everyone!   I’m getting new items for my spring/summer wardrobe!  Dresslink.com is also one of my choice to choose from and here are the items I’ve picked for today.

No. 1 The Red skirt click here

No. 2 The suits  click here

No. 3 The Jumpsuits White  click here

No. 4  The stripes – blouse click here


No. 5 The thin casual long coat black click here

No.6 The blouse White click here


No. 7 The lace black midi skirt click here

No. 8 The lace white midi skirt click here



I apologize in advance about the pictures aren’t clear enough to see but all you have to do is click on the links that I provided to see the original ones.


Hello everyone! I hope your week has gone well! Today, I am sharing you all of my wish list from www.dresslink.com Red, black and white, stripes, houndstooth just love them all!

Thank you so much for reading and stopping by everybody! Wishing you all a wonderful day! Oxoxox!






My stripes with Choies!

I am so sorry for taking me a little bit of time since my previous post to get me to reach today’s post! I have so much going on around here that me and my family are been working on and also my sickness is on top of all! We can’t wait to get it all all done.

My outfit of the day is about stripes dress that I’ve received from Choies.com which is a really good deal and free shipping right now.  What I love about the dress?  No.1 it’s stripe and then black/white combined.  The dress has such a super comfy material which is perfect to throw it on a not cold day like today….  To find out more about their great deals, (Click Here)  I styled the dress as a maxi and paired it with my comfy white sneakers (one of my favorite pair for this season).  I finished the look to adds the yellow popped of my day!

For those of you who  looking for the great deal of the  chic and trendy pieces for your spring/summer  they have it all.

I’m sharing you all here


Thank you for reading and stopping by everyone! Wishing you all are a wonderful week so far! Oxoxox.

What I’m wearing; Dress / http://www.choies.com/product/2-in-1-dress-with-letter-printed-top-and-striped-skirt_p29487?cid=7713jesspai

Blazer: Old.

Bag: Gucci white leather shoulder purse.

Sneakers: eBay.

Sunnies: Macy’s.

Necklace: Gifted from my lovely hubby.

Hairban: It was a pretty gifted from the darling(s) http://glamdevils.com









Long White Shirt!

Its weekend everyone!! Hope you lovelies are doing something fun. I’m not going to complain how unwell I am today about my spring’s allergy…. Let’s me skip it to my long shirt that I’m wearing today, white is my no. 1 for spring/summer of this year,,,  I’ve bought this white shirt from H&M a couple months  ago and I am not sure if there is still available. What I love about this long shirt is because of white and comfortable kind of piece. You can see how easy and on the go of my today’s look is…. It’s a perfect item for the season!


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend! Oxoxoox.

What I’m wearing; Long shirt: H&M, Glasses: gifted from my boys, Bag: Hermes, Shoes: Forever21.