A comfy autumn’s look!

The comfortable long sleeves maxi dress is one of my favorite piece for the season; I have bought this pinky animal dress from the local shop in Atlanta last summer and planned to wear this fall and upcoming winter, too! Today is my day off from work, me and my husband were running errands as same as we usually do, nothing will not be more relax as much as play a casual dress up when it comes to shopping, wearing it with my super comfortable white sneakers and of course my favorite fall’s hatJ with my loose stripe cropped top… Thank you for a lovely pretty useful necklace (wearing so oftenJ) from the loveliest http://www.glamdelvis.com Mira, Lola and Holly were sending me this lovely piece; I’m loving it a lotJ

Thank you for being patient and stopping by every post. I very really appreciate each of you so much! Thank you for all your support. Hope you all having a great FALLJ… Oxo.



Stay warm everyone! OXOX!!!! See you again soon!!!!!!

What I’m wearing: Dress: Local shop/ stripe crop top: Shopbob (old)/ Sunglasses, hat, bag and shoes: old/ Necklace: www.glamdelvis.com



Plaid print flannel shirt!

Plaid is one of the most ubiquitous patterns in modern fashion as always from catwalk to streetwear’s. The designers from Alexander McQeen to Vivienne Westwood are adore the cross – hatched pattern as same as we do too and its popularity. I, too love most of fashion’s patterns as my look of today, I was wearing this look on my last day off from work and traveled with my man during his working. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful autumn where you are. I’ll be going to say “hello “to everyone. XoXo.


Thank you so much for your patient and visit everyoneJ. Oxoxoxo.

What I’m wearing; plaid shirt: Topshop/ Hat: Vintage’s/ Shoes: Old/ Sunglasses: Steve Madden/ Coat, necklaces: Vintages/Light Blue Nail’s polish: NARS/ Bag : Coach/

Autumn’s colorful.

Oh my, howdy everyone? I’ve missed my blog and you all, I must have to post something at least my outfit in this past weekJ and here I am with my look of the week. As 70s beauty is back to street again and I’m one of those who in love with 70s glamourous… Hope everyone are doing wonderful and enjoying your favorite season of the year as much as myself….Will write it more when I have much more time than todayJ… Oxoxox…..



Sooooooo sorry for late replied everyone! I will be catching up with you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!!!!!

What I’m wearing; Yellow long sleeves, shoes: F21/ Orange top: eBay fashion/ Coat, Pants: Vintage/ Bag: Vintage Gucci. Hat: Old. Sunglasses: Anthropologie.

Fall’s off the shoulder dress.

Well, hello fashionista blogger’s world. Once again, sorry for not getting back with you on time. Life has been even tougher over here, kids, works, study, and finally an exam is over, hoping my certification is on its way!!!! But don’t you worry (telling myself) keep continue on blogging because it is your passionJ. Life can be harsh and painful at times, but with passion and determination, you will definitely achieve success. As all of us want to take chance in life, but we sometimes hold ourselves back because of million reasons we have going on in our lives.  Cheers to all of you!  Oxoxox!!!



About my look of today, I was wearing this comfy off-the-shoulder dress in the past week and it was warming on that day but definitely not this week. I’ve got this dress from Polyvore…I love how easy and on the go of this type of dress is, and I absolutely will carry it through upcoming winter…. I’ve wore a dress’s belt as a headband and tied up an oversized checked shirt around my waist instead…. As you do, I too, love the 70s glam so much, I added my vintage Prada’s tote that I bought years ago to my look….. Wishing to wear more looks of the 70s in this fallJ and share with you all….. Happy autumn everyone!!!!


We have got the very really bad day on our picture’s day so my husband pulled over to get me these prettiest wild flower during our road trip…I was wondering why he stopped a car, got to thanks to him for doing thatJ it made my day and as you can see by adding the yellow into blue is actually good combined J….

……………………………………………No, Road is will not going to end…..because I will be working hard as is as my last day………………………………………………………………………………………..

Wishing you a success into weekJ. Oxoxoxox.

What I’m wearing; Dress: Polyvore/ Shoes: Forever21/ Bag: Vintage Prada’s tote/



The first food show experience

Have you ever been to the food show? That surrounded by over thousand foods at the same time in one location. We certainly have this past week in Grand Rapids which was an incredible experience we had, that was so neat…. We’ve learned a lot how to make foods looking pretty when it’s ready to serve our customer and where we suppose to order from. Thank you to our lovely Sysco’s lady Colleen who brought us there, you’ve so impressed us so many things already… our loyalty go to you and thank you also for being so patient with us since day one till todayJ
We were super happy with all aspects of service you have provided us… And here I go what I was wearing on the day of a food show, I have to mention about how easy life I have been with have no choices of shoes and clothes for to wear or not to wear during my excuses unpacking :) because they’re still in boxesJ so needless to say it’s been so easy to have no choice and just wear what is handy, and sorry for my messy hair that I hadn’t had time to style after my showered it was just dried itself in earlier morning while hurried to packed my boy’s lunches and then hit the road after dropped off our boys at schoolJ as you all know how busy life I have been as a mother of three. Oooh I just realized I’d smiled too much every of my picturesJ… I’ve had tried many of the foods during the food’s show that they’ve provided us.



With our Sysco’s lady dear lovely Colleen…


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone… I wish everyone a wonderful new week starts!

What I’m wearing; Midi dress: Chico’s (Old)/ Shoes: Old/ Bag: Michael Kors/ Necklace: Loveliest Mira, Lola and Holy from www.glamdevils.com








In nowhere!!

Hello everyone! I am quite of lost and could really do only one post/week for now…. No matter how busy I am, I’ll try my very best to catch ups with you ladies… Hope you’re doing wonderful and I’m working on mine too.



Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Oxoxoxo…

What I’m wearing; Top : Korea/ Pants : Korea/ Shoes : sorry can’t remember/ Bag : Coach/ Jacket : Old…


Some road trip.

Hello beautiful…. Happy day to you all. I’m going straight to this post with my truly sorry to everyone. I don’t want to say any of my excuses for not been here for week. I’d rather get to work right awayJ I hope everyone are doing fantastic…. My today’s look was some of our road trip in the past months. We have been on the road a lot in this summer year for works, visit friends, family and farms and this was one of my look on the road I was wearing…




Thank you for stopping by and reading wonderful!!! Have a fabulous day to everyone!!! Oxoxoxoox.

What I’m wearing; Bag, dress and earings : my old boutique/ Boots: Forever21 : old/ floral crown: love culcult.

My organization projects!!!


Hello guys! Summer is almost over and I needs to work on my closet and get it done as soon as I can which I only did 10% of all since we moved in….Just in time to make room for my new fall gear!!! Wish me luckJ because I decided to organize my closet without any helping tips but will try my very best and we will see how good the result is going to be when it all doneJ… My idea of organizing is to separate the garments which I’ll go by color and then separate each group together such as, keep all trousers together/ shorts jackets together/dresses/skirts and shirts together etc…. may be a month from now I would be done and then will share with you!


Thank you to my hubby who build and redone most of the pieces from my mother in-law’s an old closet that done by their closet organized designer when she was younger and no longer needed and kindly gave it to me who neededJ… Thanks to you both Mom and Dad… There is a big helpJ



All pictures I’m sharing today, I just pulled out from boxesJ, and it’s beginning to unpacked lol…. Thank you for reading and stopping by everyone! Oxoxoox.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!