First fall’s look!

Let’s forget about my sickness. I actually a really tough person as ever and I am not a cry baby – you know, I am so sick and tired of being sick myself, although, today, my boys are back to the sour throats again and me too. You guys are probably says “what??” I knowL… As I’ve mentioned in early – forget about the illness. I’d rather talk more about the creative, as I, myself, naturally love to create thing, back when I had much more time than I am today.

Creating your own personal style is the art of combining an outfit, to me? It’s a joy and free – based on the various aspects of personality and lifestyle that shows your taste, interests, desires, history, aspirations and inspirations, you bring them all together in the way you want express and show to the world. My today’s look is speaking up for me.


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! I wish you all are a wonderful week ahead and a really happy coming up September.

What I’m wearing; Coat, hat and bag/Vintages…. Heels/Nordstrom…. Double dresses (made up)…

Back into vintage dress!

First of all, thank you soooooooooo much to everyone for stopping by and wished us back to health in the past last week. I also very much appreciated all of you that for being so understand how sick I have beenL. My boys are on and off for two weeks so how I am, I’m not completely well but I miss working with you all and I know I will be caching up with everyone as quick as I could. Here’s the pictures of me and my boys, which the boys were both dropped off a couple pounds each from their sickness.





Once again, thank you so much everyone, I wish you all are a wonderful week so far.

What I’m wearing; Vintages and similar Shoes.

Sick time!

Hello guys! We’ve been sick on and off since my 5 yrs old twins are back to school. It’s tough when the two little once sick at home, and then I always ended up sick while taking care of them both. I probably need a time off for a few days until me and my kids are back to healthy again. Biggest sigh!!!!

Here’s we are living with every day during our sickness moment.

And all the medicines these we’ve been taking every dayL !!


I will be seeing all of you guys as soon as me and my kids are well.

With love,