Move beyond to a basic black and brown!

Yaaay! I finally got the chance to wear my forever favorite color. I believe that a lot of you who those like black as much as myself. It’s about time for dark color must have to wear in these cold days. Boy! I feels amazing of wearing a black color once again, it has been awhile for me to stay away from black. Yesterday, I wore a woven fabric dress from h&m with a slight sheen and narrow shoulder straps, elasticized waist with both side pockets – I like how comfy and stylish of the dress is, also the length is my favorite part of this dressJ. I bought a size up bigger than my normal size is, because I wanted to wear as a maxi dressJ. It’s actually a knee – length dress and it’s on sale now both online and store. I paired the dress with my faux fur from eBay – and added up the falls accessories such as lace up boots, hat and the roomy Givenchy that seemingly to fit in as a fall’s trendy of item. Wish everyone a wonderful week ahead and also a very happy new week to you all.


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone!

What I’m wearing; Dress: H&M…. Faux Fur: eBay… Bag: Givenchy Nightingale… Boots: Charlotte Russe…. Hat: Target…

Dress patterned!!!

Today, I’m wearing a different pattern on the top to the bottom – I keep them in the same color family such as black and white. You know, I’m a huge fan of patterns. I won’t say much J because it’s real late at over my place. I wish everyone having a fantastic week so far.



Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone.

What I’m wearing; Dress: Local shop.. The rest: similar. Sunnies : Ray ban.

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