Dresslink’s Wishlist!

Happy Friday to everyone!   I’m getting new items for my spring/summer wardrobe!  Dresslink.com is also one of my choice to choose from and here are the items I’ve picked for today.

No. 1 The Red skirt click here

No. 2 The suits  click here

No. 3 The Jumpsuits White  click here

No. 4  The stripes – blouse click here


No. 5 The thin casual long coat black click here

No.6 The blouse White click here


No. 7 The lace black midi skirt click here

No. 8 The lace white midi skirt click here



I apologize in advance about the pictures aren’t clear enough to see but all you have to do is click on the links that I provided to see the original ones.


Hello everyone! I hope your week has gone well! Today, I am sharing you all of my wish list from www.dresslink.com Red, black and white, stripes, houndstooth just love them all!

Thank you so much for reading and stopping by everybody! Wishing you all a wonderful day! Oxoxox!






My stripes with Choies!

I am so sorry for taking me a little bit of time since my previous post to get me to reach today’s post! I have so much going on around here that me and my family are been working on and also my sickness is on top of all! We can’t wait to get it all all done.

My outfit of the day is about stripes dress that I’ve received from Choies.com which is a really good deal and free shipping right now.  What I love about the dress?  No.1 it’s stripe and then black/white combined.  The dress has such a super comfy material which is perfect to throw it on a not cold day like today….  To find out more about their great deals, (Click Here)  I styled the dress as a maxi and paired it with my comfy white sneakers (one of my favorite pair for this season).  I finished the look to adds the yellow popped of my day!

For those of you who  looking for the great deal of the  chic and trendy pieces for your spring/summer  they have it all.

I’m sharing you all here


Thank you for reading and stopping by everyone! Wishing you all are a wonderful week so far! Oxoxox.

What I’m wearing; Dress / http://www.choies.com/product/2-in-1-dress-with-letter-printed-top-and-striped-skirt_p29487?cid=7713jesspai

Blazer: Old.

Bag: Gucci white leather shoulder purse.

Sneakers: eBay.

Sunnies: Macy’s.

Necklace: Gifted from my lovely hubby.

Hairban: It was a pretty gifted from the darling(s) http://glamdevils.com









Long White Shirt!

Its weekend everyone!! Hope you lovelies are doing something fun. I’m not going to complain how unwell I am today about my spring’s allergy…. Let’s me skip it to my long shirt that I’m wearing today, white is my no. 1 for spring/summer of this year,,,  I’ve bought this white shirt from H&M a couple months  ago and I am not sure if there is still available. What I love about this long shirt is because of white and comfortable kind of piece. You can see how easy and on the go of my today’s look is…. It’s a perfect item for the season!


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend! Oxoxoox.

What I’m wearing; Long shirt: H&M, Glasses: gifted from my boys, Bag: Hermes, Shoes: Forever21.



Happy Wednesday everybody! Hope you all are doing well J…Last week was spring break  We jumped in a car and hit the road with our boys –  place that has less pollen than we do and here we are at the hotel, poor and our dinner.   Sorry for no picture to share the whole look of swimming suit because our boys were so excited and we were busy to keep an eye on them :)…


I didn’t realized that my oldest boy walked away from the camera till I saw the picture and of course we were in rush to dinner, the only picture we took that’s all were sharing here.

Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Oxoxooxx.



Choices Midi skirt!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the seasons to change especially pastels color for spring—but I’m not a huge fan of the springtime but if someone bring me a fresh blooms with no pollens and then I’d be more happy of spring season. Greeted with an evil stare and a sneezing spell. I am one of the millions of seasonal allergy sufferers plagued by dry, itchy and water eyes, sinus congestion and endless discomfort all that caused by the pollen. I hope you all are doing much better where you at but definitely not where I live.

Let’s talk about the outfit of today. I’ve received this beautiful purple skirt from Choies.com http://www.choies.com/ready-to-be-shipped?cid=3508jesspai.

We love midi skirt fashion because midi skirts are a staple piece for day and night and midi skirts madness make us hot from color to color also moving us from season to season flawlessly. The midi skirt can be worn in so many way either up or down is your choice of your day. I’m sharing mine both looks these I wore in a different day and different look. I believe you’d already owe at least one yourself but If you want to grab more color for your spring/summer wardrobe—they do carry pretty much every color for you. Here’s the link is straight to this staple piece >>> http://www.choies.com/product/purple-pleated-skater-skirt_p24589?cid=7713jesspai ….



One last say for all readers who those are not bloggers — it’s a link that bring you to the skirt http://www.choies.com/product/purple-pleated-skater-skirt_p24589?cid=7713jesspai and it’s on saleJ

What I’m wearing; White top: Forever21, Jeans top: Women’s Gap Denim jeans (old). Sneakers/Sandals: eBay, Sunglasses (old), Bag: Prada/Cosmetic red bag. Skirt: Choies.


Levi’s & Choice Jeans Jacket!

Oh my, how are you all doing? Hope everyone in the U.S. having a nice Bunny’s DayJ… I am quite excited to make a new post to catch up with everyone also. We’ve got a gorgeous sunrise almost every day and warming lately. I wish you the same warm weather everywhere you areJ

According to my outfit of today, the pants I was wearing is probably two sizes bigger than my normal size, when I tried on at store, wasn’t really that bad as you all know boyfriend jeans is supposed to be a little loose and I should have worn a belt but some time I’d like to wear something that doesn’t fit but still chic enough to style it up. My husband joked about my boyfriend jeans and said to me that “I don’t like it when you said my boyfriend jeans and I should go buy my girlfriend shoes” haha and I said back to him “there you go” and we were laughing about these pantsJ.

I love this super cute jeans jacket from Choic.com http://www.choies.com/ready-to-be-shipped?cid=3508jesspai. You can click a link here that will bring you straight to where the jacket is >>>>>>>> http://www.choies.com/product/blue-loose-distressed-denim-jacket_p35363?cid=7713jesspai I ordered mine, was size medium – just to give you an idea how is going to fit you when you order yourself.



This look was when we took our boys to eat a delicious Mexican food one night ago. I wish you all are a wonderful week ahead! Oxoxoxo.

What I’m wearing; White top: Forever21, Jeans jacket: Choice and link is up above, Pants: Levi’s, Bag: Chanel, Sandals: eBay. Sunnies: Macy’s, Lipstick: eBay.




I do into simply!

Hope everyone having a good week so far… I’ve been busy myself this week… So many things I’ve got it done and still have thing that need to get it done as well. Like today it is, we were running errands and grabbed a late lunch after all and it was a sweet treated from my sweet husband to take me out for dinner after a long day! The weather is pretty warm in Atlanta, so I love it for have no jacket or coat hang on me. I just made it simply with my new favorite Levi’s boot cut – it does reminds me of the 70sJ and I really love this trend is back again.



Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone…Trying to caught up with everyone soon later on todayJ. Oxoxox!

What I’m wearing; Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Levi’s boot cut, Sandals: Forever21, Bag: Chanel. Sunnies: Gift.