The Apples product!

Since becomes a blogger and as you all know, computer, IPad, IPod and cell phone are important for our daily lives with no doubt. I don’t know about you but me, myself love using apples. As I’ve been blogging everywhere I go, to stay in touch with you all with my cell phone lately. Otherwise, it’s probably take me a day or more to get back with you guys. That’s doesn’t make me feel good about being late at all – I’ve been thinking to switching my phone for a while as I mentioned earlier that I blogged with phone lately because of being busy and running at all times.   So then, yesterday after we went to our twins filed trip and then we went shopping for our new IPhone 6 plus for a better and bigger screen for me to work on my blog. sure is, we’ve ordered the IPhone 6 plus for me, myself, my husband and our oldest son but they didn’t have  they didn’t have in store for the moment and we’ve to wait for two weeks for the phones to come, which fine with meJ. But my husband and the lovely seller lady were kept the secret from me while I was busy with my boys in the store the whole time until time for us to leave the store and my boys were asking their daddy “what is in the bag Daddy?” I didn’t pay attention because again I was too busy blogging with my phoneJ. And here it is my husband surprised me a newly and latest IPad that just came out yesterday and they had only one left and it’s mine now.


I got to be a happy blogging and staying in touch with everyone as much as possible from today with my upcoming IPhone 6 plus and this one a surprised IPad. I don’t have to wait till I have time to login my computer anymoreJ.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading everyone!


Sweater & floral dress!

Happy new week to everyoneJ. Hope you all are well, since the weather has been changing plus time of the flu is here! Wishing everyone the good health. We will be having beautiful comfortable weather here – so far so good and I’m loving here! Hope we don’t get a snow’s surprise like last yearJ. Stay warm and have fun with your fall’s fashion, I doJ. I really am into comfortable of fall’s fashionJ. I’m wearing this good vibes vintage floral dress. I shop at vintage stores a lot because I like the idea of having something that nobody else has. I just enjoy doing my own thing by creates my own look quite a bit. But sadly I have not much of time to put the piece together. I’ll be waiting when the time has come when my boys are a little bit older. Just like my bag of today, I made it up myself by used my oldie fringe skirt (dear MiraJ You’ve got one too) and sew it with my oldie coach handbag. And here I go, my old purse is as good as new againJ.



Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone!

What I’m wearing; Floral dress: Vintage… Sweater (old): urban outfitters… Shoes, hat and sunnies: similar… Bag : DIY…


Fall layer!

I’ve got a bit of time today to shop at my own wardrobe to create another look of autumn . Tracker This tricky transitional season like a pro by playing with textures and silhouettes that build elegance not only just warmth. As same as my today’s outfit, I’m wearing a white collar with long sleeve peeking out – create the illusion of another tire with my 70s knot tie polka dots shirt and sure is one more peeking outJ. I combined the lightweight burgundy sweater – and then added an elegant black cape coat and laying up my long faux fur vest that the same shade with my pants. It’s a little chilly here but sunshine and it’s the best time to play with the layerJ. I hope everyone a wonderful Friday and ahead of upcoming weekend. Oxoxox.


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone!

What I’m wearing; Coat: Vintage… Faux fur: Dillard’s …Pants: forever21… Bag: Givenchy nightingale… Pumps: similar..