Lake Lanier Islands Resort Day 1!!!

Here’s some picture from our trip in last weekJ. Me, my hubby and our 3 boys! It’s late here. Let’s the picture speaking itself on this postJ.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and ahead of a weekend!! oxoxo.


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone!

What I’m wearing; Swimming suit/Macys….Sunnies/similar…

Coffee date & cute top!!

Wow, I’ve been so busy in the past few weeks. Thank you so much for all the kind words to our boys and our family. Me and my boys are recovered and back to healthy once againJ. I finally got the time to make a post. Thank you also to the darling Lia from Fashion Happenss   who so kind and sent me such a cute top and the other cute pieces – I will be wearing of the rest and post more soon darlingJ. I love the shape and the printJ. You did such a great job of the perfect fit and the right size – super Lia, Thank you so much once again for your kind thought. I was wearing this outfit in the last week to drop of my twins at school and then had a coffees date with my husband Eric. Check this sweetie pie out guys Fashion HappenssStay tuned for my trip of Lake Lanier islands upcoming nextJ. Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone!   What I’m wearing; Blazer/Vintage… Top/Lia… Pants and shoes/Nordstrom…Backpack/Macy’s…Sunnies /Ray ban…

Mixing & matching!

Hello everyone! In last week, I’ve decided to wear the classic plaid print for the meeting up at Sushi – Mito Japanese cuisine restaurant.  I know, I am way behindJ. I bought this skirt and the top since the last fall 2013. I should have worn them by then. As a fashionista you guys are, you know the power of the plaid is – I am talking about what better way to roll into a new season by mixing and matching the motif in fresh and unique ways, wearing a plaid on plaid or donning the print on pencil high – waisted skirt or a sleek wool coat – all of which will have you looking sleek and chic. For this look, I made a spaghetti straps top with a high waisted midi skirt, black oversize blazer and pointed-toe pumps and the touch of pink Fendi peekaboo bag.

Hope my boys are feeling better soon so then we (our family) can get back to our normal routines , that means I will be able to post as same as I usually do. Give me a finger cross guys. Wishing you all are a beautiful week.




Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

What I’m wearing; Top/Target… Skirt/Asos… Blazer/Nordstrom… Bag/Fendi peekaboo… Pumps/Steve Madden…