My stripes with Choies!


I am so sorry for taking me a little bit of time since my previous post to get me to reach today’s post! I have so much going on around here that me and my family are been working on and also my sickness is on top of all! We can’t wait to get it all all done.

My outfit of the day is about stripes dress that I’ve received from which is a really good deal and free shipping right now.  What I love about the dress?  No.1 it’s stripe and then black/white combined.  The dress has such a super comfy material which is perfect to throw it on a not cold day like today….  To find out more about their great deals, here’s the link I styled the dress as a maxi and paired it with my comfy white sneakers (one of my favorite pair for this season).  I finished the look to adds the yellow popped of my day!


Thank you for reading and stopping by everyone! Wishing you all are a wonderful week so far! Oxoxox.

What I’m wearing; Dress /

Blazer: Old.

Bag: Gucci white leather shoulder purse.

Sneakers: eBay.

Sunnies: Macy’s.

Necklace: Gifted from my lovely hubby.

Hairban: It was a pretty gifted from the darling(s)








Long White Shirt!

Its weekend everyone!! Hope you lovelies are doing something fun. I’m not going to complain how unwell I am today about my spring’s allergy…. Let’s me skip it to my long shirt that I’m wearing today, white is my no. 1 for spring/summer of this year,,,  I’ve bought this white shirt from H&M a couple months  ago and I am not sure if there is still available. What I love about this long shirt is because of white and comfortable kind of piece. You can see how easy and on the go of my today’s look is…. It’s a perfect item for the season!


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend! Oxoxoox.

What I’m wearing; Long shirt: H&M, Glasses: gifted from my boys, Bag: Hermes, Shoes: Forever21.


Happy Wednesday everybody! Hope you all are doing well J…Last week was spring break  We jumped in a car and hit the road with our boys –  place that has less pollen than we do and here we are at the hotel, poor and our dinner.   Sorry for no picture to share the whole look of swimming suit because our boys were so excited and we were busy to keep an eye on them :)…


I didn’t realized that my oldest boy walked away from the camera till I saw the picture and of course we were in rush to dinner, the only picture we took that’s all were sharing here.

Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Oxoxooxx.