Blue sky above blue water!



I love the beach on summer afternoon when sun follow me as I go. I’ve found the very really quiet spot that no one there and it’s a land of peace. Sometimes all we need is some beach, somewhere warm breeze is blowing. I feel summers magic in the air, things money can’t buy.





Look at the sky, look how they shine for you……….With love of nature……..

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What I’m wearing; Lace set: Lulu’s/ Bag; House of hello/ Sandals; Michael Kors/ Headband; Choies/



Tidebuy’s Goodies!


Hello all, I must admitted that I do shop online most of the time as ever since I moved to a small town where I’m living now and there is no place for a fashion blogger to stop by which is no mall no trend but antiques are all over in my new town. So, all I have to do for stay up on trend is shopping online which I found more online store to shop for my wardrobe is Tidebuy I was looking for a new blazer for this season and the upcoming fall and that I found the classy and trendy, chic and cheap women blazers in Korean style blazers that fit my figure and of course I finally found what I’ve looked for such as petite blazers by clicked on the outwears and then click on blazers. They also carried so much more amazing collections such as wedding, special occasion, shoes, bags, jewelry & accessories and beauty as same as everything else on their sit, if you’re an on line’s shopper yourself, let’s check them out when you’ve a second and I’ve provided you their website by click here Tidebuy I’ve picked out the ones I wanted to purchases to share with you here today…. I staying closer to the white of the moment…So, all in white is best for the heat:)…



Check out of your favorite right here




And also, I love their beautiful dresses as I have mentioned in a little bit early about the wedding, special occasion dresses, formal evening dresses, evening dresses yet for those of you who love beautiful vintage dresses as much as I do they absolutely carry a lot for you has look for and there is a chance by click this link

Here are some of their beautiful dresses……



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New Firmoo glasses!


I’m smiling with my new pair of eyeglasses from I would have never thought to wear an eyeglasses to read as much as early than my parents did, I always thought I got a good eye’s vision after my parents are……but It is clear in this big issue of mine that been reading and working with a computer screen daily I sure do needing help reading at least to own a pair, however, an eyeglasses does not affect me from fashion at all they actually fun to adds to the looks … if you thought wearing glasses earned you the accolade of ugly Betty then you are totally wrong ………. So, since I first started my first pair of eyewear from Firmoo and its time for me to get another pair of eyeglasses from them…..  When it comes to shopping online I love to received my order as quick as possible and as my  great and impressed by shopping with FIRMOO is,  they definitely shipped out my ordered as fast as I expected plus great customer service that you’ve looked for as an online shopper you are….

To those of you who are looking for a pair either for yourself or a gift I highly recommend you to check them out at and if you want you also can check where their new frames are updated every day which where I usually go when I shops on their website by click it here  ……

Here are more pictures of my new eyeglasses from them…..



I’ve got 15% off on my ordered from this awesome link you will too…. I hope you will enjoy your new stylish eyeglasses as much as I have……..


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What I’m wearing; Short sleeves jacket: Local/ Lace dress (wore as a top): Zappos/ Hat and jeans: Old/ Shoes: Target/ Bag : Tory Burch 797 Messenger Satchel/ Necklace: from darlings



White evening dresses!


Howdy everyone! Hoping you ladies are enjoying summer heat, 66 degrees in my city today and it’s so comfortable just to hang around my town….. Either heat or chilly weather you been dealing with and it has nothing to do with the classy, glamorous and sexiness dresses on I remembers then when I’ve received kindly contact from their professional marketing’s team who is dear Lisa, that wanted to cooperate on working with me in 2014, and as a great team and great experience I’ve been working with so far, I’m continue collaboration with them till today. Make a long story short, she sent me a link to check out their gorgeous dresses and I have to tell you that after I went through their online website “I’m surprise how beautiful and amazing of the dresses but the cost is real affordable which is everyone could look for and absolutely worth the penny”. Today, I’m sharing you the most fabulous trendy evening dresses 2015 from their online store shop the latest new arrivals. Also find the latest style and save up to 75% off in all different style, shape, size choose your own personal dress that could turn you to a princes of the night,

An evening dresses are definitely will make you stand out from the crowd. Go to beautiful basic classic look in white evening dresses from long sleeve to one-shoulder style, sleeveless, I would have to go for classic total lace/ sheer is such a trend going on in this moment. Rock the party in all classic white dresses are sure to make happy hour even happier, the white cocktail dresses are also fresh approach to evening wear, stand out in all white…….. You can also wear short white dress to even spring/summer garden party picnic and it sure is perfect fit for these even as same as other event. Here are some of my favorites, selected to share with you all….

I’m loving this trendy lace exquisite white evening dress down below more picture of this fabulous one click here

The second gorgeous dress up above is my favorite, just picture yourself on wearing this super beautiful dress and wow! The link to a 2sd dress

Stay even more classy on the 3rd dress I’m sharing you today which is you will look sexy without showing too much skin on wearing this amazing white gown. More to find out about this one


I’m dying to wear all white, if you are too…. Go and shop your dream dress on one of the fabulous also affordable price for everyone budget on

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Autumn’s look in summer


How are you supposed to master your “occasion (coats) look” in summer? The reason I asked because we’ve got a super windy cold day in the day before today and it was much more like autumn instead of summer. So here I go what have popped up on my head; a lightweight trench or mac will always look sophisticated but in the meantime, there is no closet and less amount of cloth for me to pick what to wear and I’ve to put on what it is handy J….. However, instead of this a long coat I’d rather go with lightweight; a long-length waistcoat as an army shirt jacket length will add just the right amount of coverage to keep you warm as well as grunge up a floral summer dress. Make a long story short, this is what I wore on my business meeting day. Also thank you so much for the kind advices on my rashes skin – it’s much better after my mom told me to go for both Calamine lotion and Cortizone 10 plus to apply daily and it works. Wish you all are a fabulous day!!!




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What I’m wearing; Top: Topshop (old)/ Sheer black long vest: Zara (old)/ Shoes: ModCloth/ Sunnies: old/ Bag : Gucci/

Pastel summer!

How is everyone weather out there? I prefer between 60 – 70 degrees is the bestJ…. Wherever you are at, I wish you a lovely one! It’s beautiful here today so I’m wearing a lovely breeze summer off shoulders pastel dress and it’s definitely perfect for my weather of today. I paired my dress with a newbie Michael Kors bag that I bought a while ago, which was my always wanting summer bag and its right shade for summer’s heat…..

Summer humidity is absolutely effecting my skin so far this year, my skin is rash and itch as hell. I am not sure is caused by allergy’s drug interactions or what exact that causes my skin to turn issue. If there any advice from those of you who experiences I would love to hear all…..


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What I’m wearing; Dress: eBay fashion/ Shoes and hat : old/ Sunnies : Steve Madden/ Bag : Mikael Kors/

Plaid Flannel Shirt Dress!

Happy Thursday beauties! I becomes a fan of comfy dressed lately as a busy mom myself I’m just about right to the point how I dressed today. This flannel shirt dress is one of many pieces gifted that I picked out in store myself back when my husband treated me on our anniversaryJ. Which was way back when we were in Atlanta. He probably didn’t like as much as I do and said it’s big for my size but hey that was the point, bigger and comfortable that what I’m looking for. I told him, I am a huge one now and he did laugh out loud, see what is happening when you’re enjoy eatingJ. With this flannel shirt dress is, you’ll be dresses to comfy but still look good enough to wear to run my errands all day long with this long-sleeved shirt dress.


Enough is enough sorry for too many pictures of this post guysJ. Thank you for stopping and reading. Oxoxoxox.

What I’m wearing; Flannel shirt dress: Georgia mall/ Bag: Toapandashop (Gifted)/ Shoes, hat, sunglasses: all old/.

House of Hello!

I don’t know about you but I’m loving this gorgeous hot pink of Kelly style handbag that I’ve got from “House of Hello” A gorgeous color that match twilly scarf…. Which was set by a designer from Hong Kong in 2013, it inherits H’s quality and craftsmanship, makes luxury leather and fashion combined, and created a new field of exquisite luxury brand which is affordable for every women. 100% cowhide leather. Its best fashion choice of a beautiful Kelly style and you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous bag’s style! Check them out and add one to your wardrobe! “House of Hello”!!!!!


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