It’s pre-fall…




First of all, I apologies for the incontinence that caused you troubled to stopping by on my previous postJ….. I had no ideas when that happening while me and my family were out of town for worked… However, we fixed itJ…. …………Thank you for understand everyone!

I am back with my DIY dress as you seen today…..I decided to refashion my green midi lace skirt and lace top turned into a dress, tell you what, super easy with no any techniques behind my DIY, just basic sewing both pieces together… I am sorry for no picture before and after, yes I’ve done a few DIY before this one, and then took pictures every projects I did and planed to share with you but I’ve never got the chance to shared onceJ as you all know I am not a DIY blogger at the first place,  I love creates my wardrobe as ever since though, but I didn’t think I wanted to be a DIY blogger either, it’s probably not a good idea to do so, unless I really very got an extra time to do so…. Hope you like my refashion as much as I doJ



Once again, Sorry for no closes up picture of accessories… were in a hurry to catch the day lights, the sun was going down and getting dark at the end……I wish you are all a wonderful into week…Oxoxox!

What I’m wearing; Retro laces skirt, top : redone to a dress/ shoes, bag and sunnies : Old/








Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

Settle down, it’ll all be clear
Don’t pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

Settle down, it’ll all be clear
Don’t pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home!


I love this place, where I can call home. I’m used to live here and where I met my husband. We used to walk on the bay behind me when the whole bay turned ice in winter time years ago….after we moved all over place to place…..I just can’t believe now we are back here again…where I call home!!!


Hope every one of you are doing wonderful…. Oxoxox!

What I’m wearing; Skirt; shopbob (old gifted)/ Top: Zara/ Shoes: Dillard’s/ Bag: Michael Kors/




Lunch with my family.



Spending my moment with my family even just a quick lunch is a bless, just spending time together, take a moment there and here, things you will never forget….We may forget the day but we always remember the moments – the beautiful happenings that made it all worthwhile and that’s without having to go out and buy…… making the best of itJ

No matter what has happened family is a hand that is always holding yours and will always, always love and care…..I’m sharing you the moment of me, my husband and our little men…


Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone! Oxoxox…

What I’m wearing; the set: eBay fashion/ shoes; Target/ jacket: Forever21/ Bag: Gucci/ sunnies: Ray Ban/

What my twins wearing; Top and bottom: Old navy/ Shoes and socks: H&M/




Beautiful dresses of your night!

Today, I’m skipping my personal outfit to share you an idea of gorgeous short dresses instead……. In this time of the year,  party is everywhere, you can never be short of sparkle by wearing these amazing dresses from weddingshe.  Homecoming dresses nowadays typically have no limitations on; you ladies can be enjoyable as is as the sweet 16J, for sure on the cocktails night….. There are sexy chic, glamorous, sweetheart short ball gowns with full skirt and baby doll princesses – there will be also fun to wear on the date night out with your man and he will see and feel how much more beautiful of his lady J………

These cheap homecoming dresses under 100 on weddingshe’s collection of short dresses are the hottest trends, also the price is best for your budget….. I really recommend you to check out the dress of your night by click on the links I provided you……….. I actually, looking for a beautiful Tulu short dress that I like to wear on my evening night. The dresses from their collection is undoubtedly beautiful in their own special way…… Find out how to shop for your body type to make your big night extra specialJ…………………. You will be one of prettiest lady in the whole wide world by wearing these beautiful dresses!!!

I love their line of homecoming dresses 2015 and I think you will too… Well, not only is this season keep you beautiful months but with no doubt – beauty is being the best version of yourself and no matter what time of year is……. You should wear dress as is as possibleJ…………… The short gowns certainty cause you to much more gorgeous on summer… let’s turn your ideal in reality by purchase the prettiest party dresses on the night….. If there was at any time wedding’s event I had been invited to, it will be my absolutely choice ………….

On the other hand, for you my young ladies………..

Cheap homecoming dresses under 100 is of the prettiest dresses and that affordable – there are several options for you to choose from……. Be counted among the prettiest and most properly dressed girl in your social circle yet unforgettable magic night……. I wanted to share with you here, when I was a young teen, I’ve said to myself – there is no such thing too much pinkJ…….. So, I’ve picked out a couple of pink dresses to show you how gorgeous they are in the pictures here!!!! Beautiful princesses’ sparkly pink dresses on their online shop are so pretty…….


I would be wearing this gorgeous soft pink I am sharing you today:)…

To find out more dresses of your type by click  this link .

Thank you for stopping by and reading everyone!  Wish you guys a wonderful upcoming weekend weekend!!!!  Oxoxoxox…..






Blue sky above blue water!



I love the beach on summer afternoon when sun follow me as I go. I’ve found the very really quiet spot that no one there and it’s a land of peace. Sometimes all we need is some beach, somewhere warm breeze is blowing. I feel summers magic in the air, things money can’t buy.





Look at the sky, look how they shine for you……….With love of nature……..

Thank you for stopping by and reading everybody. Wish you a happy into week!!!! Oxoxoxox.

What I’m wearing; Lace set: Lulu’s/ Bag; House of hello/ Sandals; Michael Kors/ Headband; Choies/



Tidebuy’s Goodies!


Hello all, I must admitted that I do shop online most of the time as ever since I moved to a small town where I’m living now and there is no place for a fashion blogger to stop by which is no mall no trend but antiques are all over in my new town. So, all I have to do for stay up on trend is shopping online which I found more online store to shop for my wardrobe is Tidebuy I was looking for a new blazer for this season and the upcoming fall and that I found the classy and trendy, chic and cheap women blazers in Korean style blazers that fit my figure and of course I finally found what I’ve looked for such as petite blazers by clicked on the outwears and then click on blazers. They also carried so much more amazing collections such as wedding, special occasion, shoes, bags, jewelry & accessories and beauty as same as everything else on their sit, if you’re an on line’s shopper yourself, let’s check them out when you’ve a second and I’ve provided you their website by click here Tidebuy I’ve picked out the ones I wanted to purchases to share with you here today…. I staying closer to the white of the moment…So, all in white is best for the heat:)…



Check out of your favorite right here




And also, I love their beautiful dresses as I have mentioned in a little bit early about the wedding, special occasion dresses, formal evening dresses, evening dresses yet for those of you who love beautiful vintage dresses as much as I do they absolutely carry a lot for you has look for and there is a chance by click this link

Here are some of their beautiful dresses……



Thank you so much for stopping by and reading everyone! Wishing you a wonderful day…. Oxoxoox



New Firmoo glasses!


I’m smiling with my new pair of eyeglasses from I would have never thought to wear an eyeglasses to read as much as early than my parents did, I always thought I got a good eye’s vision after my parents are……but It is clear in this big issue of mine that been reading and working with a computer screen daily I sure do needing help reading at least to own a pair, however, an eyeglasses does not affect me from fashion at all they actually fun to adds to the looks … if you thought wearing glasses earned you the accolade of ugly Betty then you are totally wrong ………. So, since I first started my first pair of eyewear from Firmoo and its time for me to get another pair of eyeglasses from them…..  When it comes to shopping online I love to received my order as quick as possible and as my  great and impressed by shopping with FIRMOO is,  they definitely shipped out my ordered as fast as I expected plus great customer service that you’ve looked for as an online shopper you are….

To those of you who are looking for a pair either for yourself or a gift I highly recommend you to check them out at and if you want you also can check where their new frames are updated every day which where I usually go when I shops on their website by click it here  ……

Here are more pictures of my new eyeglasses from them…..



I’ve got 15% off on my ordered from this awesome link you will too…. I hope you will enjoy your new stylish eyeglasses as much as I have……..


I apologize to everyone about my blog’s accidently shut down in last week. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! I wish everyone a wonderful new week! Oxooxx


What I’m wearing; Short sleeves jacket: Local/ Lace dress (wore as a top): Zappos/ Hat and jeans: Old/ Shoes: Target/ Bag : Tory Burch 797 Messenger Satchel/ Necklace: from darlings



White evening dresses!


Howdy everyone! Hoping you ladies are enjoying summer heat, 66 degrees in my city today and it’s so comfortable just to hang around my town….. Either heat or chilly weather you been dealing with and it has nothing to do with the classy, glamorous and sexiness dresses on I remembers then when I’ve received kindly contact from their professional marketing’s team who is dear Lisa, that wanted to cooperate on working with me in 2014, and as a great team and great experience I’ve been working with so far, I’m continue collaboration with them till today. Make a long story short, she sent me a link to check out their gorgeous dresses and I have to tell you that after I went through their online website “I’m surprise how beautiful and amazing of the dresses but the cost is real affordable which is everyone could look for and absolutely worth the penny”. Today, I’m sharing you the most fabulous trendy evening dresses 2015 from their online store shop the latest new arrivals. Also find the latest style and save up to 75% off in all different style, shape, size choose your own personal dress that could turn you to a princes of the night,

An evening dresses are definitely will make you stand out from the crowd. Go to beautiful basic classic look in white evening dresses from long sleeve to one-shoulder style, sleeveless, I would have to go for classic total lace/ sheer is such a trend going on in this moment. Rock the party in all classic white dresses are sure to make happy hour even happier, the white cocktail dresses are also fresh approach to evening wear, stand out in all white…….. You can also wear short white dress to even spring/summer garden party picnic and it sure is perfect fit for these even as same as other event. Here are some of my favorites, selected to share with you all….

I’m loving this trendy lace exquisite white evening dress down below more picture of this fabulous one click here

The second gorgeous dress up above is my favorite, just picture yourself on wearing this super beautiful dress and wow! The link to a 2sd dress

Stay even more classy on the 3rd dress I’m sharing you today which is you will look sexy without showing too much skin on wearing this amazing white gown. More to find out about this one


I’m dying to wear all white, if you are too…. Go and shop your dream dress on one of the fabulous also affordable price for everyone budget on

I’m wishing you ladies a good starts of the week. Oxoxox…..

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!!!!!